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My prime concern going in to see this was that the obviously damaged, mentally dulled-down character from the trailer was gonna turn into a criminal mastermind by the end of the movie. It really delivered for me anyways, major goose bumps along the way and beyond the inescapable cringes (which you really couldn't have done without and is part of why it works) I couldn't fault it.

I didn't find the portrayal of wealth-envy, social scale inbalance or Thomas Wayne's cold outer shell in particular, very contrived or exaggerated (well the initial killings gaining "popularity", a little). I'm sure Wayne took good care of his own, though Bruce sure seemed a pretty sullen kid all the way from the outset, lol.

This Joker's been contorted into who he is as much by circumstances brought on by his own limitations, damage done by an uncaring mold as any inherent evil. I was left at the end feeling like the only other thing he ever could have been, was dead. Mesmerising movie, DC's way ahead of Marvel on this one.

Phoenix finally shed his brother's legend, I'd say. Never though he'd get to that point, not through Gladiator, Walk The Line or anything, though I always respected his craft.

The new Batman casting makes sense now anyhow - I'm assuming there'll be a showdown between those two down the road...
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