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Originally Posted by Terran View Post
Time to take names on which game companies are majority owned by China. Also, which companies are kowtowing to China's communist censors, ownership stake or not.

Divest yourself of this civilization-ending bullshit. You can spare a game or an entertainment product. You CANNOT spare your freedoms...I hope. Western companies must be forced to suffer if they choose filthy communist censors over our bedrock ideals.

On this issue, Trump is motherfucking right, and he has broad bipartisan support to prove it. It's time to decouple and defang the communist snake we've fed for decades.
dude... im telling you.. im not a Trump fan by any means and I stand mostly in the middle when it comes to our countries political issues. I think he is a schmuck really and tends to tip his hand way to many times due to his attitude and loud mouth... BUT he is dead on when it comes to China. Hell just my basic competitive nature makes every fucking bone in my body scream "STOP FEEDING THE BEAST!!" haha Like we are making our competitor stronger... FOR YEARS!! Now look at them!! How is this not ringing alarm bells in American ears??
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