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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
The rules were broken, he'll have to suck it up. I thank him for his sacrifice.
After all, down in section 6 of the 3 point font document they throw up it CLEARLY says:

Emphasis mine.

So better not leave your mic on while making cow farting noises. It could trigger some Eco-nut who has pull at Blizzard.

I hope someone picks him up but, lets face it, no one wants to go against our $ino-overlords. Too much money to lose!

Yup, you must be 100% beep boop while playing games in this area.

Best tactic? Follow the rules, make your money till your bored of said game. Go out with a bang, CM Punk pipebomb style.

And of course, know that these companies give not one iota about you, your family, your culture, your country, no matter what, act accordingly. This shit is entertainment, and of very little import at the end of the day.
Nintendo: A guiding light in a sea of video game degeneracy
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