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Originally Posted by Sir_Smokes_Alot View Post
Get bent dude! It's not about that it about not wanting to be under the thumb of god awful CCP government. The guys that lock up religious minority's like falun gong or Weger Muslim's in "reeducation" AKA concentration camps. They even harvest organs from this people for fuck sakes. I have give money to help them fight these human shit piles in the Chinese government you can go right to hell dude.
I won't give my money or loved ones.

we don't need another war that is never won.

It's time people learn to fight for themselves, rather than point the finger at the usa in anger and grovel back when they need their big baseball bat called the military.

Freedom is earned, not given.

Westerners aren't even free anymore because they forgot that lesson.

so you get it straight, nothings bent here.

"id give money" how about you stop giving money and telling others to give their money and lives, and go join the military to fight for hong kong, then and only then perhaps you can preach about freedom.

And not once did I defend china and what it is.

I just won't pay or sacrifice my self or others to fight in a internal civil war in a foreign country.

Again I say, if the world wants to be honorable and show courage and free the enslaved, we should be looking at north korea, anything less is political masturbation at the cost of tax payers money and lives.
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