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Originally Posted by ElektroDragon View Post
Why would you demonstrate it on the graphically inferior console?
So you'd have something to complain about?
Or simply cause it still looks great?? lol, funny people

Originally Posted by Dag-Sabot View Post
yep, no collectibles and same weapon you get a prosthetic arm to upgrade, but that's it. What's the point unless you're really curious about the story? It's like they threw out all the cool mechanics that made their game unique and went for a 3rd person ninja game.
Cause they know how to make amazing battle mechanics and that's 3/4 of the game? in a world where every game turns into a super open world with gazillion upgrades, this might be unique, concentrate on battle and hard bosses, can't say anything from software has to offer will attract me these days, but still, breezing through this 20 minutes video, it looks gr8
MemTest86, each of you should do it :)
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