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Originally Posted by drevezan View Post
The blonde is supposed to look 12. Technically, based on the story arc that it looks like, she should be 6. The retarded one appears to be Yennifer before she used magic to be the ageless, hot sorceress. It appears to be very close to the source material based on everything it shows and said in the voiceover. This is all very fresh for me as I am listening to the books now.
Originally Posted by Mozgus
Ciri is basically an adoptive daughter of his. He does not fuck her. It was actually really nice seeing a fatherly side to the cold bastard by the 3rd game.

Yenn has a backstory of having practically a hunchback and other deformations that the games only really hinted at, but she essentially magicks herself into a beautiful woman through study. Kind of a shit plot point but I'm surprised they are doing it.
Thanks for explaining. I heard Geralt basically bedded any female who he ran across, so I was a little worried when I saw the kid.
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