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Originally Posted by AlfredT View Post
"I'm not a racist, I just want to be around white people exclusively"

"I'm not a racist but the holocaust didn't happen!"

When have I ever said that? I've routinely and repeatedly said color doesn't fucking matter what you DO with yourself matters. OVER AND OVER AND OVER. The holohoax didn't happen, if Hilter was going to gas all the jews why did all those "death camps" have maternity wards, hospitals, etc? Why would he bother if he was just going to gas them all? The sites the US allies searched found no evidence of gas chambers, the only ones marked as "death camp gas chambers" were sites not searched by Americans. Fancy that. You've been sold a lie for decades and continue to believe it because you were told to believe it. the muh 6 gorrilon lie has been pushed since 1915, long before Hilter's rise or WW2.
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