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Originally Posted by Evil Avatar View Post
You passed up a chance to hang out in a room full of sweaty Korean 18-year-olds? Were you sick?
As a matter of fact I was sick. I had snot streaming from my nose in a long, egg-white fashion on a constant basis. Not the usual "Dick snot" that dangles forth between my ankles, hanging over a foot below my massive, hanging elephant trunk-shaped whoosit, but regular, ordinary nose snot. I'd blow it out, saturating the tissues I'd wadded up there, before dropping the newly made sack of disease fluid into the bin to make a "Plop"-ping sound. Still, I bet I could've fucked at least one or two of those 18 year olds... but it was a short trip and I had to go makeup shopping.
Quotes in context.*
Originally Posted by Rommel View Post
drive into the daughter's womb proper, fill the uterus with the dick snot
Originally Posted by screwyluie View Post
Rommel gave the right answer
*Not in context
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