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Originally Posted by Terran View Post
Hey dumbass, YOU are the one going on about demographics. So WHAT THE HELL have you done about it? EH?

I have six kids, you parasitical little POS. Six kids, the oldest of whom just scored a 33 on the ACT (can you count that high?) and for whom I've never received a dime of public assistance. Got children? Done anything about America's demographics?

You're worse than useless. You're a dead branch of the DNA tree. You're not only racist, you're incapable of helping your own race when you say it's all that matters, lol.

You fucking numpty. I never once said everyone that is white needs to go out and have a bunch of fucking kids just because. You cant outbreed 30 million mexicans that have little to no standard of living nor have any shame about mooching off the fucking government. They will breed the country broke soon. Now tell me what good is me having 5 kids going to do. What do i need 5 for? I don't have a fucking farm. You fix the demographics by deporting them...

This isn't a numbers game where who has more wins. White Americans and Europeans along with the Japanese progressed. We are entering a post industrial world and less people are required. This is fine, but the elites don't want this to happen as it would contract the global economy.

You seems to only care about your filthy brood and your family tree. I care about whats best for everyone. I can just as easily call you the parasite queer bait. That shit goes both ways.

Im not only a racist? LOL! Dude, get the fuck outta here with that mess. Tell someone who cares. Liberal scumbag.
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