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A friend summed it up best, "Ready Player One is a good movie, but i'm glad it's failing because I don't want the rushed sequel that Ernest Cline is slapping together "just in case" to be made into a movie".

Which he explained was in reference to the Hollywood Reporter interview where he stated:

"I had to start writing the sequel last year while the movie was being finished just to stay ahead of the curve. Its a good problem to have, but if this movie does well, the following week they'll decide whether or not they want to make Ready Player Two, and it occurred to me I should finish," he says.

"I'd always intended to write more in the series,"Cline adds, "but I never imagined the movie would get done before I finished writing them. So, I had to kick it into high gear."

Whereas Cline had the benefit of adapting his novel after hed written it, he explains that working on the sequel has proved to be a bit more challenging. "To see Steven visualize the first story, it's been really inspiring for me [to] revisit that world, but I'm trying to write a sequel to the book and not to the movie, because the movie has changed things. So, it's tricky, keeping two different versions of the story in my head."
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