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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
The chart is inaccurate on the "Y" axis as it seems to consider the entirety of content on Breitbart, the Daily Wire, and other popular sites more in the "opinion" while elevating the NYT and Washington Post despite the fact many of their stories, even outside of the Opinion, editorials, and letters section contain a large amount of editorializing rather than "analysis".

In addition, while many of the publications often do add "facts" as they see them they tend to forget to add the counterbalance facts creating lies of omission and negating any reasonable and balanced reporting. This results in even stronger editorializing and agenda pushes which should destroy their credibility to begin with but, somehow, they manage to survive and get to call themselves journalists rather than Pundits, Activists, or Partisans. A privilege not given to their right wing counterparts. This is one of the reasons record numbers of people don't trust these media companies to give them the straight news... because these companies DON'T. They hide and obfuscate details that aren't convenient to their angle.

But wait, the chart isn't finished! It goes even further off the rails of believability by delegitimizing the largest and popular right wing sites outlets like Fox and Breitbart in the "fabricates info" section while allowing Slate and Vox to reside in the "Complex Analysis" sections.

Vox and Slate are NOT the places people go to get in-depth analysis on the issues. One has its roots in culture before tackling "real news" and the other's claim to fame is trying to normalize pedophila by being the first to add a "virtuous" pedo guest columnist to their staff.

Finally, as of yet neither Breitbart nor the Daily Wire or many others tagged in the "make up information" category have been caught in fully documented and proven lies unlike CNN, MSNBC, NBC, the Washington Post, or the New York Times. Trump wouldn't be able to get away with calling them fake news all the time if there weren't some truth to it. Yet all of these folks in the upper bracket have had to issue embarrassing retractions or even had to fire people over significant failures of journalism or journalistic ethics.

They certainly put their own spin on the news, just like everyone else which is why I'd argue NO ONE in the Western World Media, except maybe Al-Jazeera should be allowed to sit in the "green box" of the chart. Everyone else is Yellow or worse.

And for double points: so far no one at Breitbart has had their CEO or best on air talent fired or smeared in a #MeToo moment unlike several prominent news people and leaders at the other companies.


These are just undeniable and undefendable lies. But breitbart doesn't have to fire anyone when it lies and literally no one cares because they have no journalistic standards at all really. Their editor freely admits it. They publish news that they don't even believe is true. You are crazy if you think daily mail doesn't do this as well. A google search would show you tons of outright lies they have spread. Why are you even trying to compare them to outlets that try to maintain journalistic standards and don't allow conspiracy theories with no legitimate sources to be published.

I agree that the list isn't perfect and is maybe too generous on the smaller liberal outlets as you move away from the center. I also think fox news isn't as bad as they are suggesting, but I'm unclear on if they are lumping their opinion people in like hannity. If so then it really isn't inaccurate to say that almost all "reporting" from hannity is on the level of extremely dishonest fabricated propaganda. CNN doesn't have any opinion people who engage in completely unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and extreme distortion of facts like he does.

All outlets engage in lies of omission to some extent, it is almost impossible not. But as you move away from the center of the chart the degree to which the news outlets engage in this kind of deception gets worse. Breitbart is completely over the top ridiculous with it. Almost every article on their site engages in these tactics. It is much worse than any of the news outlets in the top box on the chart. Their editor freely said that they intentionally did this on a massive scale with Roy Moore.

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