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Originally Posted by Wizzkidd View Post
Come on bro. The two options you present are inaccurate and false. Let's just be 100% factual, and then discuss actual reality. This is EA, not IGN or Gamespot; Can we just speak the truth? Please?
I think you missed the entire point. Sony skipping E3 2019 is probably because they are prepping for the big media push in 2020 around the PlayStation 5. Why spend millions on the show floor to show off games like Last of Us 2, Death Stranding and Days Gone when they have show off those games for two shows in a row?

But, even before this there were rumblings that the show itself is staring to price itself out of itself. The show floor is getting more and more expensive and more people get their information online than ever before -- and online is a medium that costs literally nothing to use. They don't even have to pay for the bandwidth for videos, just upload them to YouTube like Nintendo does and be done with it.
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