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Happy Friday the 13th to me! It was my lucky day. I responded to a twitter contest from a company called Last Exit to Nowhere, which makes T-shirts based on pop culture movies, and I won!

They said to post something about how you would keep Jason from spoiling your day and I said, “I don’t have to run faster than Jason, I only have to run faster than my best friend.” And I won!

They make great shirts, I have a classic 70’s Delos Westworld shirt and I would love to get a bunch more, but combined between the value of the British pound and the shipping and their shirts tend to run close to $50 US.

I decided to go with the classic “Blue Harvest: Horror Beyond Imagination” shirt. I’ve always wanted one, I even used to have that logo pasted in one of my old writing notebooks. (Bonus points if you know what it is from without having to reach for the Google.)

I’ve been wanting to get an orange Rollerball shirt from them for a while, but the Blue Harvest was just too good to pass up.
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