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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
Bullshit, by calling it a "GOP ad" you make the (deliberate, I am sure) mistake of not doing any research and hoping, just as they do, that low information voters will see GOP and be like "oh, well if the GOP is saying this..."

That is an ad from an anti-trump PAC "Republicans for Rule of Law" which is itself affiliated with "Defending Democracy Together" 501c4 chaired by none other than the man who never met a left leaning plan he didn't like: William Kristol who has spent the last 4 years trying to tear down Donald Trump. It is about as "GOP" as The Young Turks. Hell Krystal may be a secret member of the Young Turks for all the help he gives to REAL republican people and messages.

These are the people who will do everything in their power to protect the deep state and status quo where Politics is for Politicians to deal with and people suffer as a result.

These are the people who allowed a African-American candidate ... who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," (not my quote, look it up!) like Obama have his way with Congress and the American people, by any means necessary but won't accept a return to American exceptionalism that can only happen when AMERICANS forge their own future rather than hope for scraps from China or the EU.

These are people so focused on making sure abuses about laws are brought to light they only have bad things to say about the Republican leadership.

In the meantime, for such law abiding people they never mention anything about Clinton's emails, Biden's quid-pro-quo with Ukraine and China (to which Hunter actually ADMITTED he wouldn't have gotten the jobs without his father in the position he was), Schiff reading a creative writing assignment on how he thought the Ukraine call went and passing it off as FACT for several days before being called on it.

Don't be even more of a douche bag than you already are by forgetting to do your research.
You don't have to agree with Bill Kristol, but to pretend he isn't a conservative voice is silly. He served in the Reagan admin, the Bush Sr. Admin and was a foreign policy advisor to the McCain campaign.

He is a legitimate conservative voice. It is absurd to claim he isn't because you disagree with him.

AOC is a liberal voice, but her opinions are wildly divergent from those of Pelosi. They are still both liberals.

Disliking people in the GOP caucus who don't tow the line with Trump doesn't make them not part of the GOP caucus.
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