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All this stupid ass talk about liberal and conservatives. Le kek. Muh anarchy, muh constitution. All of this is a White mans game that no other race save the Asians can en'mass comprehend in such a way that keeps the peace or foster progress. And by progress i mean trad family, space travel, renewable energy, getting off the growth based economy addiction and actually living a life outside of the rat wheel, social and demographic hegemony. Do you R tards even realize the energy and life spent by Americans partaking in white flight to try to live around their own kind and be safe from dangerous minorities? Its a fucking trillion dollar racket and it destroys families.

You fucking stupid mother fuckers cant seem to get it through your thick skulls that there is only one thing at play here.

Demographics is destiny. Until the larping parasites/enemies running the mid card of our society are put back in the correct pecking order and the people that can maintain this civilization are back in charge the west will continue to slide into oblivion.

But yeah, keep on with your neocon bullshit. The left has beat you at every single issue besides guns for the past 50 years. You goddam losers. You are worthless and at this point the enemy as well.

AMERICA!! I dont know nutting bout no democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government but goddam, trucks, guns, fishin n shit. Wut else do u need boy? Dont forget to support your local Union, wut are ya, some kinda commie er somethin? Workers got rights! N might makes right!
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