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Originally Posted by see colon View Post
What kind of economy can be sustained on a man built platform in the middle of the Atlantic? There would be no natural materials for construction and manufacturing, at least not on the surface.
Some speculate that information services would be a natural starter. Programming and online jobs, etc. But you need very fast internet for that too, and a mature power-system already, and those won't be present early on most likely.

It may be possible to grow algae-based biofuel with the plentiful space the ocean provides, floating growing fields, using the native access to water and nutrients to make finally cheap biodiesel. This is pretty close to being a reality.

Apparently you can replace all the world's oil consumption with biodiesel with a growing field that's 100km by 100km, which would be prohibitively expensive on land but it nothing on the sea. You could raise either micro algae or seaweed, macro-algae.

Another proposal is floating fish-farms. Most of the world's fish-stocks are deathly depleted, down by some 90%. And seafood consumption is still growing. The next 20 years will force us to transition to farmed-seafood rather than wild-caught if we don't want to chase things to extinction.

Originally Posted by see colon View Post
And if you are assuming deep sea mining to be the answer, while that might have the resources, it's awfully difficult to procure them.
Sure, mining is more of a long-term possibility. Takes a lot of capital and need for one thing.

Originally Posted by see colon View Post
Also, what would people eat? Beyond fish and sea vegetables, I mean.
They'd grow crops in floating farms if need be. It would actually be better than on land because you can do it under glass, thus preventing insect travel largely. You could even harvest with robots if need be, creating hermetic environments. It would be true organic food with no pesticides that way.

Originally Posted by see colon View Post
And where does the poop go?
You burn it and release it into the ocean where it's actually a boon to the environ, or sterilize it and release it, or sell the ashes leftover for w/e uses like fertilizer.

Btw, Venice has been releasing untreated sewage into their waters for centuries >_>

Originally Posted by see colon View Post
Are you going to use some Star Trek style recyclers to convert poop into tables?
Nah :P Just incinerate it or store it and pay a company to pump it out and treat it themselves for you.

Originally Posted by see colon View Post
And at the start, where are you going to get the materials necessary to build the platform. Would any nation allow you to remove natural resources from them to build a new nation? That's a rough sell, I would think. Especially when you have to get your workers and scientists from those nations as well.
People will sell concrete to you just like any other buyer, on the market.

The first platforms will be built in existing nations and moved to sea.
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