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Originally Posted by Chief Smash View Post
Of course. Phoenix and Eats only show up when they sense a victory. This terrorism was apparently a victory for Phoenix so he shows up to somehow rub it in.
Yeah that was interesting. People like spec and myself don't want our society overrun by hostile foreigners = mass shooters. It couldn't possibly be that these hostile invaders that have been killing the shit out of Europeans en mass for the past 10 years. The shooter seemed really upset about Ebba Ackerland. That was the deaf French girl that got hit by a truck, then had her grave vandalized 30 times by immigratns.

The mosque that was attacked had known ISIS backing fundies in it, there are articles going back to 2014, not to mention Mossad was operating in the area.

What i think it is, is that the topic makes him feel bad and guilty. This built in white guilt instills in him a sense of shame. When shootings like this happen, his karma feels kick in, this allows him to say SEE!! You said things that the left construes as mean, this is your fault!

1 Christian every 5 mins.


I don't stay up at night, posting on twitter, smdh, or being upset about this fact.

Why should i be upset about NZ? Because the news makes it a theatrical saga? Na.

Why are muslims even in the west? We have a history of war with them going back 1000 years. Go home, buy your 2 liters with ebt cards and sell them at your shitty corner store that used to be owned by good people in your own country....

We are nearing the point of no return if things don't change now. Trump better cut the shit.....i dunno, that line has gotten old...who the hell knows.
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