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Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence is scheduled to hit the coast of North Carolina on Thursday (9/13) or maybe very early Friday. This one is taking around the same path as Fran did back in the mid-90's. I was here (in Raleigh) for Fran. Being in the middle of the state, I didn't think it would be as bad but it was terrible. Trees and limbs down everywhere, massive flooding, power was out for at least a week. Up to a month in some areas. My parents live up in the mountains of SW Virginia (go Hokies) and they had trees knocked down way up there. This storm is supposed to be stronger.

I just got back from BJs price warehouse. No water or bread anywhere, and it's just Monday. People are taking this seriously. I also saw people walking out of BJ's with carts full of these cases of gallon jugs of water. 3-4 cases per person. I only took one case, but it went fast due to the people hoarding and a lot of people didn't get any.

I think I'm in the pro-scalping camp. With scalping it would be more expensive, but at least everybody would have a chance at supplies. Right now only a few people are going to have them.
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