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Originally Posted by ovi View Post
avoid public games? wtf?
The current thinking is that if you're in a public game with a hacker, they can read your SessionID (unencrypted?), spoof it, and take over your game. Blizz is denying all this right now, and blaming hackers using keyloggers etc. That doesn't explain the large number of users claiming to have authenticators etc. Imagine how bad this would be if the RMAH was actually working, holy shit.

I was a big blizzard supporter, all for the online-only setup, RMAH etc, but this is getting ridiculous. The servers are now down for 9 hours, and with no single player mode the game is basically unavailable for my whole night (living in NZ). Getting disconnected randomly and losing all my progress through a map sucks, lag is bullshit, and it's like half the time I go to log on part of the game is turned off.
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