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Originally Posted by Evil Avatar View Post
Certainly, GotG and Star Wars both pull in over a Billion per movie and there are probably examples of other Sci Fi films that have done well. I jus think what you are saying is that it was a really weak year for Sci Fi overall.
The numbers specifically removed Disney flicks which would otherwise skew the data.

Remove Star Wars and MCU movies and you're left with a pretty dismal opening weekend box office for any other sci-fi movie.

To argue the others movies some how deserved to get nuked into the ground opening weekend is disingenuous.

you might be right with some of them but several clearly have all the makings of successful opening weekend movies. Mega star power (Life, Ghost in the Shell), great reviews (Life), and/or guaranteed blockbuster properties (Transformers).

I don't think you can blame your opinion they were shit movies. In fact I found a couple of them pretty entertaining. Enough to wish I'd seen them on the big screen so I could see the spectacle.
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