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Originally Posted by t3kl3r View Post
Personally I find it frustrating how many people require ongoing excitement throughout a movie to keep their interest. I often miss the slow buildup many older movies had that allowed you to get absorbed in what's happening and helped you get to know the characters before the important stuff starts happening. So many movies just start off with the flash bang approach, and it actually makes it hard for me to get into them (even if I can still enjoy that kind of movie for what it is).

People today only seem to enjoy the super hero crap churned out every 3 months by Hollywood. All of these films follow the same formula which is to base the movie around 4 - 8 huge action scenes interspersed with poor character building and some humanising plot angle (romance, coming of age etc). It's lowest common denominator stuff but audiences eat it up so that's now all we get these days.

Movies like Heat, Goodfellas, Aliens etc are not what people want these days. They just want Iron Man to blow up a Ferrari before speeding off to save his high school sweetheart from an exploding skyscraper.
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