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"Dear Suckers,

"Notice how we we bury the the pay-to-win crate issue with meaningless platitudes about how we are 'listening to the feedback'? Truth is that core pay to win system isn't really going anywhere. We need our dolla dolla bills."

"However we don't want to make too many waves this close to launch so we need to give the impression we care enough to make people FEEL like we might change the whole Pay To Win system so it doesn't become a reason not to buy the game. By the time players realize we never planned on making any changes it'll be too late since we'll have all the money. People can either fuck off or pony up the $1,000 to compete against the other folks who shelled out their $1,000 so they could pwn the poor people."

"The best part is the fantasy that you'll be able to keep up by "playing the game and not spending a dime" HA! The packs you'll be rewarded by playing are "standard" packs which have a 1 in 1000 chance to pull a legendary card while having a 999:1000 chance of a lowly common card as opposed to buying cards packs which guarantee the player rare or legendary cards. Eventually stingy players will get so frustrated being steamrolled they'll quit or pay. Either way after the first 60 days worth of revenue it's win-win for us."

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