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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
I am using the standard of "all things being equal" which is the only way to create a scientific baseline for balancing and building data driven scenarios. The empirical data says "all things being equal" someone who spends $1,000 on the game WILL be objectively better than someone who doesn't.

You're using the standard of "things will never be equal because things change in game" which is subjective, anecdotal, and has infinite number of permutations that can never be accounted. This is great for creating bitter players who "only lost cause they didn't spend as much money" or if you want to get your game designed by Reddit.
But it's a standard that cannot exist, you're using a hypothetical which is about as far away from "scientific baseline" as you can get. You want some objective facts? Battlefront II is an asymmetrical, multiplayer, objective based game with no 1v1 mode. "All things being equal" cannot exist.

My standard is the one that factually exists. If you want to argue against that, well go ahead, but it's just meaningless noise.

You keep equating this "Money=Power" thing, but that's as hypothetical as the rest of your argument. Here's a hypothetical for you, it's possible for someone to drop tons of cash on the game and get only costumes and emotes. How does that fit into your "Money=Power" argument?

Another objective fact is this system is better for every party except the cash gamblers than the one used in Battlefront 2015, where you could just flat out buy the better cards in packs and still had to pony up for DLC/season pass/maps.
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