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Originally Posted by Reirue View Post
Been a while, but I remember the original Prey honestly being one of the best FPS experiences I had at that period in gaming.
The story sounded astoundingly stupid on paper, but in the game it honestly seemed to work well. I also recall the weapons, graphics, and level design struck me as excellent at the time.
I can safely say I'll keep an eye on this as more details arise.
Same here... Something about it just felt great. Running everything maxed out was quite nice too. I can still remember a handful of moments from Prey but one that always stuck with me is that damn school bus when the lights cut out and it starts glowing. I have a feeling it didn't age too well but I will be re installing it shortly!

Originally Posted by Evil Avatar View Post
Can I get a "Fuck You G***** B********!"
I heart GB.
"This game raped my wife, slaughtered my son and left me for dead."
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