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Originally Posted by Suicidal ShiZuru View Post
I feel like I'm being mocked for ever supporting them. They know how fucked up TF2 is now since it's mainly played by twelve year olds with mommies credit card... Yet for Valve it's all as planned. Glad I won't be buying the over hyped and absurdly over priced Portal 2. You know that game that they didn't even create...
Portal was based off if an indie project called Narbacular Drop; it was effectively nothing more than a proof of concept. Valve hired the folks who made it, who then turned around and gave us Portal.

Portal and everything that makes Portal awesome was essentially made by Valve employees...except for the portal concept, of course. Its a Valve game created by Valve; the original "game" didn't resemble Portal in any way, shape or form beyond the colors of the portals.
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