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Originally Posted by BeardedSonOfNel View Post
So, I’ve been cruising a bunch of game sites, and looking at the comments for all of the articles written about PSN’s outage. I have to say I’m shocked by the number of people who post little notes like these from the Play Station blog

• thank you!
• Thank you,and please block piracy and cheaters.
• Thank you, it’s a shame it had to come to this, wonder why there was an external intrusion in the first place, people ruining it for us. Good thing I can still watch Blu-rays!
• Awesome. Keep up the good work. We are grateful for your efforts.

Over at gamespot…

• Take a deep breath.....
Everything is going to be ok.
• Man I'm really hoping that its going to be back online before Brink comes out..... Plz Sony do something....... and to all of the people that said "one system goes down, the other one is up" play single player games on Ps3 you don't have to have Psn
• This truly is a travesty. I hope everything is ok and wonder if maybe Japans infrastructure is a little unstable right now thanks to the earthquake/tsunami/radiation. I know the PSN not working came a few weeks after the cataclysms but still, it might have been the starting domino as to why were not connected.
• Nothing brings out the haters like a little technical trouble.
• Whatever they need to do, they're doing it. and i say if its making the infrastructure stronger, i dont care how long it takes. My credit info, address, lots of information for every one is on there. So if you dont want your sh*t stolen, quit your b*tch*n, bite down, and play some single player like the rest of us and just enjoy. Good lord its like people dont anything better to do than hate sony for fixing something important.

What the hell people? Those of you who are blindingly thanking Sony are morons. That’s right I just said that, and the gloves are off. Sony is a major technology company, and their inability to secure their proprietary network is asinine.

Don’t get me wrong, every network has weak spots, and may come under attack, but the turnaround time for this one really shows you how shitty their system really is/was. Sony’s networking incompetence is not only disrupting what their users want to do, but also costing game devs money too.

“Hey BeardedSonOfNel, Sony is losing money too!” Sure they are, but unlike many small Dev houses out there; Sony has the backup funds to weather this storm.

Now some of you are reading this and are thinking to yourself… “This guy is an MS fan boy”, or “He is an elitist PC gamer.” Well I’m not. I’m just a gamer. I own a PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, and almost every console from every Gen.

“Well BeardedSonOfNel it’s the hackers fault, and not Sony’s. You should be ranting at them.” While I am pissed at the hackers; it’s still ultimately Sony’s responsibility to secure their network. Sony is a large company, and like all large companies in this day and age they must protect their business partners, and their customers. Valve seems to be able to do this with STEAM. Oh, and why is the evil Microsoft able to keep Live up and running? I’ll tell you why. Both companies continue to revamp infrastructure, and retool code, and security. I can’t believe Sony has been doing the same thing considering that they’ve been down for days!

I sure as hell hope my (and all of Sony’s customers’) credit card info is safe. Sure would be nice to know after 5 days.
i tend to agree with you on this. This is ultimately sonys fault for putting forth such a weak infrastructure that is PSN... I have owned all of sony's gaming products. And i loved my ps2, but honestly, this is just dumb. If you are going to be a major competitor in the gaming age like sony says they are... Then step up and bring us a xbox live experience to sony but better... Step up and put money into your product... step up sony...

Sure adding blu-ray was awesome, i will give you that (granted, have yet to use my blu-ray player in it because I am standing firm that I dont wanna start replacing my 300+ dvds yet...) but honestly, since the get go this console has been a fail for me...

Xbox had the red ring sure, but honestly, when the consoles launched, we had xbox first, and the games first... and by the time ps3 came out, all the games they were getting we already played and beat...

Still today, i am purchasing more on my xbox then ps3 just because I have invested more time in that. It was joke that they didn't have an achievement system from the get go when they knew about it for so long.

And now you have this... the weak ass psn... sorry, but sony needs to step up in a big big way to win me back... I want to like the ps3, but every time they fail me...
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