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Originally Posted by AkumaATR View Post
The reason they disregard those consoles is because these are companies in a profits-driven industry -- revenue channels from those consoles are officially dead. They've made any money that they are going to make there already -- those ships have sailed. That pile of games that you want to get to will only affect them at this point if it keeps you from going out and buying new product, and they don't really have metrics for consumers in that boat.
Yeah, but the report mentions "dedicated game consoles", and since it's a survey among end users, I'm wondering where all those PS3s, Xbox 360s and especially Wiis went. Did people just conveniently forget that they owned them? Or did the writers of this report cut them from the overall stats? To me, last-gen machines are still perfectly viable gaming machines (well, the PS3 and X360, at least), so they should be counted. Having fewer households with dedicated gaming consoles now would mean that more machines broke or were thrown away than were purchased last year, and I find that highly unlikely.

Well, maybe all current-gen buyers already had a console last gen, thus cancelling any growth...
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