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There are a number of reasons for why I have skipped consoles this generation for the first time in a long while (I owned a 2600, SNES, N64 - inherited -, Xbox, 360, so I've been at least on the margins of each generation for a long while):

- My kids aren't interested. They're on their phones/tablets or on my 360. They don't care about the XB1, PS4, or Wii. At all. If Nintendo wanted to be relevant to kids today, they'd release more of their original, high-quality stuff on mobile devices other than their own
- As other correctly pointed out, couch co-op is dying, and if I can't play games locally against my family/friends, I'm just not interested, because I refuse to pay for console multiplayer any longer (dropped years ago), which dovetails into the next point.
- Consoles charge for online play when I can get that for free on the PC (excluding some titles like WoW, which I dropped a while back and will never return to).
- Console hardware is just one more expense (plus the controllers and online play!) when I already own a PC that can play games.
- Consoles aren't offering much in the way of exciting, fresh exclusives. Many of their exclusives are series that are long-in-the-tooth and on their umpteenth iteration, or are already also available on the PC.
- Most games on the PC are cheaper at launch, and in my anecdotal experience, especially with digital distribution, prices are much cheaper on the PC long term than for older digital content on consoles. I'm very price sensitive.
- I've already got my PC connected to my large display screen, so 'couch' comfort is already available to me. I've also got access to gamepads, or k/m, and/or mods (for some games) on my PC.
- My licensed content on the PC carries with me to my new hardware. Not so for much of the content in the walled garden of a console. They're often dead ends. I just do not like that. At all. It offends me.
- Consoles are getting on the upgrade train, lol. They also seem to update even more than my PC. Goodness, my son turns on my 360 and it invariably has an update or the title he wants to play has a 'license check' update. Bunch of BS. Plug and play my arse.

Consoles are in trouble, not because they won't make money, but because companies retreat even from growing business sectors if they're not growing enough to suit the stockholders and board/executives. I honestly don't even see a need for them any longer. They're redundant and do most things worse than a PC for additional expense.
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"...boys lining up outside a room to take a turn gang raping a woman?...I went to frat parties where shit like this was going down
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I certainly went to frat parties where girls were getting roofied
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