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Originally Posted by Meusli View Post
There are rumblings that the new 2080 cards are no more powerful than the previous generation, they just have ray tracing bolted on. Need to see what benchmarks they reveal later down the line, for me I think I will skip this round and go for the 7nm ones that are due next year.
I don't believe a word nVidia says anymore. I'll be utilizing my 1080 Ti for a few more years... possibly even purchase AMD if their next GPU is a decent enough upgrade.

Originally Posted by excalibur1814 View Post
I honestly wish that no-one... absolutely NO-ONE bought the new cards.

It's the only damn way nVidia will ever lower the prices to something sensible. They're literally laughing all the way to the bank with mega-profits.

We have but ourselves to blame.
Yea, nVidia is a terrible business and I want to jump ship to AMD just to say "fuck you!" to nVidia. This is coming from someone who has been using their cards since the TNT2 (ca. 2000-01); the one time I went AMD, I had nothing but problems. Hell, I recall building rigs with the nForce/nForce 2 chipsets... those were the days!
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