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A lil update and tips on owning property in the Third World and associated prices,

So as a Burmese national, I can purchase property with "less" red tape than the average foreigner (who has to generally use a middle man/company). The only thing is I had to spend a couple of hours for a day or two at the municipal office to register my foreign wife, myself and our housekeeper/cook.

I rented a house for 1 year and the total came to about 3.3K USD. Purchasing this house (at the end of my contract) will cost about 6-10k USD. It is a modest 1 floor house, with 3 bedrooms and 2 washrooms/kitchen and a thatch garage. It comes with 2 ACs, a well as well as the municipal water in pipe.

Things I had to do and estimated costs:

Furniture - 2 beds (frames, mattresses, sheets & Mosquito nets - tent style), 1 washing machine/spin (not heat) dryer combo, 1 Fridge, 1 Wardrobe and 2 work tables & Chairs. Came to under 1k USD in total, probably closer to 500,600$. (Ill buy a dining set later, probably around 100-200 with tables/chair).

Maintenance/upgrades - Roof leak repair (20-40$), House cleaning (5$), Outlet Grounding ($1), Housekeeper/cook (Monthly 100-150$ including food allowance for us as well as the cook), Water Pump ($50), Water filtration system (4 Filters - $40, +30 per month for new filters), Shower/heater ($20), Water bill ($.05) and Electricity bill ($10-30). Various electric outlet etc small repairs ($10). Fresh water (4 barrels a month replaced as needed - $5)

Internet - Fibre 3 month contract - $150

Everything is done here by full contract. For example, I don't pay the house month to month but the full price for the year contract + 1 month's pay 1 time for the real estate people who set it up.

So all and all very affordable. Keep in mind Burma is probably the cheapest living expenses in the world, but varies greatly city by city. In NayPyiTaw (The capital) it is super cheap as no one wants to live out here, but I like it cuz of the peace and quiet. In certain parts of Yangon (Old capital) the housing prices are more than Manhattan!

Anyways, just a little update and food for thought. The prices are a little inflated due to the locals knowing I'm somewhat wealthy by their standards, my generous tipping and my poor estimates
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