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Oh yeah, the cafes, right, they are a big thing in asia. That's why a lot of poeple don't bother owning a computer either.

I know a couple people from poor regions in eastern europe, and what they do is having a lively retro scene of sorts. They are more PC oriented, precisely because it is cheaper, more creative, and useful for more than one thing. Just stay behind the state of the art and you can make do. 10 year old hardware is still sufficient for most anything, and dirt cheap. So I wondered if it's similar in asia, and what is the current status quo of PC hardware for ordinary people. I also enjoy the retro scene and the atari/amiga/whatev demo scene that's still somewhat active there, in part because of necessity, making do with what you got.

Another thing I wondered about is if things like the Raspberry Pie are popular in poorer parts. I mean in the latest version... these things cost like 30 dollars or what, and are pretty much fully featured computers, sufficient for most daily tasks and even some light gaming, if you consider the homebrew scene there. But I also kinda have the impression sometimes, weird enough, that the Raspberry, despite being so ultra affordable, seems to be hyped in rich countries more than anything. I don't know. Otherwise I know some guys from dirt poor Balkan areas that rely on Apu's for making their PCs, and such if the Pie isn't enough.

There is definitely work-arounds even for the poor, in this trickle-down economics in the computer space. And I often like seeing the creativity that breeds.

I also came across a bunch of art freelancers from east asia, I even think some gal from Burma! Cool stuff. Yeah, if you are kinda poor yourself, here, but need some art assets for your hobby game, there are affordable freelancers from there doing some pixel art or illustration or low poly stuff or whatever. Kinda globalist asshol-ish, you might say, but... oh I don't know.
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