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ok so we have a F2P game with quake feel.
toons have different speed hp and jump style.
and each toon has one unique special.

From what I have read it seems gameplay is team based but not objective-based, so its TDM.

As far as esports goes, I think it is not going to catch. And I think this is because the absence of objectives to focus players in certain areas with specific problems to overcome is going to leave announcers with a vacuum of things to talk about and difficulty following the action since it will be diffused over the level.

And if you do move to objective based mechanics, QC champions having only ONE special and no weapon restrictions or kits still has a disadvantage vs something like Counterstrike which has that kit-buy phase at the start of the round.

The Strategy of picking certain toons prematch is significantly reduced. It certainly increases the need of QC prematch having the toon-select mechanics of DOTA with each team taking turns picking and banning.

Basically, I am advocating that with more homogeneous toons, it increases the design requirements around gear or toon restrictions and objective based mechanics to create strategic moments of interest to the audience.

QC has an uphill road to climb.
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