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Originally Posted by Anemone View Post
o_O Dafuq? You realize Nintendo made more on the Wii than MS and Sony combined in their entire console history? At one point the Wii was making multiple billions per year! MS and Sony could only dream. And Sony lost everything they'd made on the PS2 and PS1 with the PS3. How on earth can you cast the Wii as anything other than the greatest financially successful single console in all of history? You can't, that's what it is.
And that right there is the big joke. The Wii U and the Gamecube were far superior to the Wii, and the Wii sold like gangbusters.

This generation of console is the worst I've ever seen and it's doing fine. It's identical to the very last generation of console with just a mild-moderate improvement in hardware. Even the games are all the same.

It's almost as though the more quality/innovation goes up, the less the system sells. Do you know why? Because consumers are retarded, and they buy what they're told to buy from their pop culture and their neighbors. People buy products based on image of all idiotic things.

Can anyone here tell me they loved the Wii, its grainy visuals, and it's messy motion controls (that become tedious in long sittings) more then their Wii U, Gamecube, SNES, N64, etc?

Better product doesn't always mean better sales, and vise-versa.
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