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Originally Posted by Silverbaine View Post
Apparently the webs DON'T have to attach to buildings in this game. They did it to make web slinging through the city easier.
Thanks for this info. If confirmed, this'll be a pass for me, too. I really liked this aspect of Spiderman 2, giving it a Tony Hawk-like challenge to navigation. Skill was required and rewarded.

The other aspect was the physics. If you were at a dead stop hanging from web and pressed the left stick, you had to swing around to build up momentum. They removed this from all the other titles, and I'm not sure why, allowing you to instantly swing out at a 90 degree increment. Momentum management gave the travel in Spiderman 2 weight. Otherwise, it was just flying with a different animation.

Many open world games are boring to transverse, but have interesting random events occur because of the environment. Spiderman 2 was the opposite. It was incredibly fun to travel around, and the missions themselves were tolerated in order to build up XP. One day, I hope we can get a good swing mechanic game again.

And no, Batman Arkham City's hookshot is not the same thing.
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