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Originally Posted by SaintBlitzkrieg View Post
They really haven't. If you look at the amount of things they put out even on the PS2 compared to the PS3, they didn't do crap.

The lack of RPG's is saddening. On both the PS1/PS2, I could go to a game store, and look around and find a new RPG I haven't tried yet, but here we are, with the PS3 and nothing. Just nothing.

Its really sad.
This generation, more than any other, saw the Western developers take control of the RPG market by establishing their brand of fantasy as the dominant form. People were just ready for open world exploration and they completely keyed on that. WoW really blew the doors open on players' expectations and they've adopted a lot of those game design philosophies in the other big offerings of the current era.

When you factor in the emergence of the multiplayer FPS as the top draw due to the dudebro audiences, Xbox and, to a lesser extent PS3, found their own casual market cashflow the same way Nintendo found theirs in non-gamers.

That doesn't explain the success of Skyrim, which is a very intensive experiene, but sometimes all a game needs to attach itself to a large percentage is good buzz and good marketing. It probably helps that WoW had so many players, many of them casual audiences. Skyrim looked like a step towards a more gritty type of fantasy for these people, and gaming trends always seem to veer from the wild and colorful to the 'realistic' as audiences mature and evolve. Also, it probably helps that people are reminded of the LotR movies when they see the commercials and hear the music. That movie trilogy is still fondly remembered by audiences that casually game.

That, conbined with Japanese frontrunner Square-Enix's massive missteps with Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV hurt the JRPG's appeal to Western audiences (the biggest consumers in the hobby.) JRPG audiences were shrinking largely because the companies decided to shift focus to ensnaring new markets.

This is probably the most financially driven generation in gaming history. JRPGs used to be one of the representative genres of the hobby. Now it's a niche because they simply don't invite casual audiences and the focus isn't on them. This could really be argued of Japanese development altogether.

It still astonishes me that Japanese games no longer represent the pinnacle of the hobby's offerings. I never thought I'd see the day, but here we are. I still love Japanese games, but now there's plenty of Western fare that equals it.
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