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Originally Posted by Taiso
That, conbined with Japanese frontrunner Square-Enix's massive missteps with Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIV hurt the JRPG's appeal to Western audiences (the biggest consumers in the hobby.) JRPG audiences were shrinking largely because the companies decided to shift focus to ensnaring new markets.

This is probably the most financially driven generation in gaming history. JRPGs used to be one of the representative genres of the hobby. Now it's a niche because they simply don't invite casual audiences and the focus isn't on them. This could really be argued of Japanese development altogether.
Seems to me that trip-A JRPGs are very expensive to make, and also haven't been financially remunerative in recent times to the companies that made them.

Square forgot why those games sold. They moved away from distilled good gameplay and rich story and substituted higher quality FMV and the like.

Visules are candy. Gameplay is meat. People will pay for gameplay, despite visuals (Minecraft). Not so the reverse.
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