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I still play the game a few minutes here and there when I'm too tired or drunk to read. It's way more stable since launch and the numerous mods have improved the rest. Space combat and flight control remains terrible and as non-intuitive as you can possibly get. The new story is kinda neat for a 3-4 hour time waster. The worlds and creatures are still very much the same. For a game that supposedly renders the whole universe all of the biomes, plants, animals, landmasses, etc. feel like they are from the same planet. The simplistic solar system modeling is absolute shit and I hate how the sun is merely a 2d skybox and the planets are stationary. Currently the way "multiplayer" works is if you enter a zone with up to a dozen or so players you see each other as orbs of light that cannot be interacted with.

Play Elite Dangerous instead if you want good space stuff.
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