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2016ís Biggest SJW Freakouts Over Video Games

Heatstreet gives us the last Christmas gift of the season.

Nothing is beneath offense when you’re perpetually offended. From sexy clothing to political references, no video game is without sin according to culture critics and social justice warriors who stop at nothing to find content to be outraged by.

These self-proclaimed moral crusaders, who embed themselves firmly within the games press, have blasted their outrage in the form of “hot takes” across social media and video game publications. Here are some of the many things SJWs lost their minds over in 2016.

Tracer’s Pose in Overwatch
Given that Overwatch has one of the most diverse casts in any game, you’d think social justice warriors would love it. They do, to the extent that people who shoot at health packs can enjoy a video game—but they also hold it to a ridiculous standard and find fault with the game any time it “slips up.”

Via Heat Street

The game caused massive outrage when one of the female characters, Tracer, had an unlockable “victory pose” with just enough sexual appeal to cause male feminist allies to have seizures. Even after Blizzard removed the pose, the game is still being called sexist for having a few female characters who appear to be younger than their male counterparts.
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