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Originally Posted by Robberbaron View Post
See, that would be well played, except that was before third and forth wave feminism, I want to see a mainstream AAA Hollywood movie with big names like this with genders reversed with the same exact setting.

it's the same as when a female teacher sleeps with 12 to 13 year old boy students and gets almost no prison time and she doesn't even have to register as a sex offender.

that movie you posted isn't even in the same setting, my comment is on the would be justification of the women's actions, they aren't portrayed as monsters at least not in the same detached serial killer setting that a movie with role reversals would be, see we know the women are acting harshly...but we can "understand why" they would do it in a way... that's the feminist bull shit I'm talking about.

See I don't give a shit, give the women their vagina tingles, let them pretend their horrible attitude is justified fine, but don't expect equal treatment if you don't equally endure things like this movie in reverse.

Tend bundy in married with kids used to make fun of fat women the way men are made fun of today in the media, only if you played a modern show like that today it would get banned and women would literally protest.
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