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Originally Posted by Murmillo View Post
So you posted a video without saying anything... Yet it seems like you are trying to hide behind a snarky tag-line.

But for whats its worth, I agree with the video (her). Its how I was raised, its how my children are bring raised (along the small row of houses along the street we live on).

Parents do a poor job trying to do it alone, but every body working together raise more often, more trustworthy balanced children.
What snarky tag line? Nothing in the topic title wasn't stated in the video. As for you wanting me to say something - I believe the government should stay out of parenting unless a child is being harmed. It is not the "community's" right or obligation to take away the responsibilities of parents.

Here's an article comparing her statements to Communist rhetoric:

What's more, the notion of collective responsibility for children was a philosophy that undergirded the Cultural Revolution in Communist China under Chairman Mao. I bring that up because, as you may recall, another Harris-Perry "Lean Forward" spot contains a reference to a "great leap forward," which calls to mind the disastrous agricultural reform plan which starved millions of Chinese to death in the 1950s.
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