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Originally Posted by randir14 View Post
What snarky tag line? Nothing in the topic title wasn't stated in the video. As for you wanting me to say something - I believe the government should stay out of parenting unless a child is being harmed. It is not the "community's" right or obligation to take away the responsibilities of parents.

Here's an article comparing her statements to Communist rhetoric:

I don't understand why any idea associated with communism is automatically bad.

But more to the point, how is this idea about children belonging to the community is a new thing? 100 years ago is was an unspoken and unquestioned fact of life. It was not uncommon in the slightest for a neighbor to spank your kids if they saw them doing something wrong and you weren't around, and it was common for you to then go and THANK that neighbor.

The whole "don't you dare tell my kid what to do", "I know what's best for my child and nobody else does", "my child is my property and nobody else's business" is as new a concept as the "everyone wins and everyone gets a trophy" philosophy.
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