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This is an old idea, the notion that kids need to be removed from the influence of their parents and absorbed into the collective/community, and it's one of the primary foundational reasons for public education in our society today, extending back to Dewey, Mann, and others. Parents were then, and are now, perceived as an impediment to imposing upon children the will of progressive ideologues and washing the taint of their family off of them in order to program into them 'proper' perspectives as determined by the progressives themselves. It's a bipolar/schizophrenic worldview that sees parents who do not submit their children to the public school as the 'problem' while simultaneously refusing to recognize the problem of illegitimacy or the cost in children's lives of abortion.

Besides, I've seen upholding liberty for corporate masters while crushing the little people so far is doing wonders for our prosperity.
That's an unfair criticism of the Democrats. Stop it.
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