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Originally Posted by Methos View Post
Being a racist asshole on your Twitter account is still free speech.
"Free speech" is irrelevant in this case.

It sure does fall under the First Amendment...which guarantees that he can't face governmental backlash simply because of what he's saying. It does not, however, give him a free ticket to spout whatever the hell he wants, consequence-free. Conversely, it does give everyone else a free ticket to react accordingly...within reason.

As I said, if you, I or anyone else did something similar and it became an issue for our employers, we'd all be fired. While Heir no longer works for Bioware, he did - until very recently - hold a significant position within the company. When your personal actions directly impacts the perception of a product being marketed to millions of people, its important for there to be a certain level of personal accountability. Instead, Heir was shielded by Bioware management.

The President of the US is racist. And anyone believing one person (who wasn't even working at the right Bioware) was responsible for all the animation in such a large game is a moron. Some gamers are the most racist, misogynistic assholes out there in any hobby. Personally threatening to rape a person so "you can get better animation effects" is way too fucking far.
The last time I checked, I never once agreed with the ridiculous backlash this single person has been receiving; people are absolutely taking things way too far (as people are collectively wont to do) and threats of any sort simply aren't warranted.
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