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Originally Posted by Rarely Operable Brain View Post
Don't want it? Don't buy it. Simple.
I really have to agree with this sentiment.

If people want to spent $25 on vanity mounts...let them!
As an avid TF2 player, I hear pissing and moaning about the ability to buy items, both cosmetic and game-effecting, every single day. The crap Blizzard sells is of even less consequence than some of the hats Valve peddles; if someone wants to buy one of these flying mounts, mounts that still require in-game effort to be able to use, let them. With the current speed-scaling system, these vanity mounts can only go as fast as your current flight training level allows...so, it's not even like you're buying the ability to travel faster.

Hell, I almost bought my dad the Celestial Horse for Christmas this past year; he's pretty big into WoW right now and literally has too much crap kicking around. Despite the fact I changed my mind, I knew he'd use that mount most of the time and it'd be something he'd enjoy without having to clutter up my parent's house.

Just be happy Blizzard isn't trying to sell useful, game-effecting things. This vanity crap is perfectly fine with me.
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