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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
It's not up there this morning, but if I'm reading the page right ("Most recently mined blocks in the bitcoin block chain") then people are still minting thousands of dollars.

One of them yesterday was $79,000 worth.
It doesn't work that way. Block rewards are standard. Right now they are 25 coins--~$625. The reward will halve once 2016 blocks have been discovered, typically in about 4 months. Either you've got the context off or... well that's all it could be really, which is why I wanted to see the link.

By the way, the price has gone up another dollar today, it's nuts. This is another one of those historic moments in the currency's life, where this is either a huge sustained price gain because of the currency uncertainties around the world, or another bubble getting ready to pop.

Hopefully the latter, as I would love to mop up a ton of coins on the cheap
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