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Originally Posted by Capt_Thad View Post
This trailer shows PS4 and XB1 logos at the end, so it's definitely not exclusive. It's been strongly suggested that some sort of PC version is in the works too. FFXIII trilogy on Steam, leaked steam database entries, several Square guys saying they'd be interested in a PC version and that it wouldn't be a huge leap, etc.
I'm hoping for the (near) future where I can have every single FINAL FANTASY game on Steam. III, IV, VII, VIII, XI, XIII (1-3) and XIV are already available. I don't think it will be that long till the X and X-2 HD remakes make it over. I have a feeling that an HD version of FFXII International Zodiac Job Edition isn't too far off. (I really hope so.)

I, II, V and VI haven't had polygonal remakes yet so I'm not sure how long it'll take to get them over. I especially want V and VI remade as V has my favorite job system of all the games and VI is my favorite final fantasy overall.

I'm not quite sure whats up with IX. Its never really been touched since it originally launched and that's quite a shame.
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