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John Wick 3: Review (Spoilers)

The quick summary: I’ll never watch that again.

John Wick was, of course, an amazing film. All of the violence, all of the bullets, perfectly choreographed to perfection. Each head shot making sense. The carnage justified in the first act of violence against his dog. It was one of the best action films I’ve seen.

John Wick 2 extended the universe, featured some cool moments, but could never have been as good as the first film. When you expand from a very rounded film, it’s difficult to capture the same essence. Both still great films.

John Wick 3, on the other hand, goes too far. I’ve never read the comic, or books (if there are any?), so I’m just going from what I’m watching. The opening scenes were quite good, albeit a bit cgi heavy in a couple of places, but that that soon tailed off when he went abroad. Halle Berry (beautiful lady) trained like a crazy person for this film and, thankfully, she did kick some serious rear.

The negative aspect is that you then share the screen with John Wick. The following fight didn’t seem as tight, especially when incorporating such fast action. There are also the two dogs to throw into the mix.

After that, once back at the hotel, the film recovered slightly until the messy end fights. Mark Dacascos deserved more.

It simply isn’t as good as the first two, in my opinion, which leads me to never wanting to watch it again. It’s a shame as Mr. Wick is a fantastic character. Hopefully the fourth film will ground itself a little more.

You may love it, especially a certain knife to eye scene, which the entire cinema winced at. There were moments of grandeur, great violence with higher stakes, but it still suffers due to the first two being really good films.
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