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What the hell is that at 16:17 mark, Pikachu poo?

I went to Taiwan back in 1993 for about a month for work. We had a layover at Tokyo-Narita and I slept for the entire flight between there and Tainan. When we arrived I think it was around 11pm, but once at the hotel I was able to sleep and then I was just fine the rest of the time. For some reason I never got affected by jetlag, it was strange.

Originally Posted by Terran View Post
I'd always try to get the bulkhead window seat (first row in coach, against the window). It's the BEST seat in coach. You can sleep against the window/wall, look out the window
Window seat for sure. I had just gotten the Enya Shepard Moons CD and I have to tell you -- listening to that CD and looking out the window of an airplane goes together SO well.
Why isn't the word "gullible" in the dictionary?
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