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Originally Posted by vallor View Post
I don't want to be that person counting coup but had he been a right-wing figure Disney would have chummed him to the sharks, not let <whatever> blow over and then tried to sneak him back in.
Yup one of the biggest and obvious hypocrisy in media/society is that Gunn said some UNPC/distasteful/gross shit on twitter.. he gave a non apology.. got rehired.

Roseanne did the same shit and shes gone. (I hate her but wtf, i hate double standards more)

Kevin Hart (Again I don't think hes got any talent) got his stupid shit he said on twitter dragged up.. and he loses his host spot. Etc.

Basically either we allow offensive opinions to us as comedy/entertainment (fine with me) or we just ban everyone from everything.
There are sharks in the water, and your mangina is bleeding heavily.
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