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Originally Posted by Evil Avatar View Post
The machines lost the war, which is why they sent the Terminator back in time in the first place. They were hoping that by killing Sarah Connor, they could keep from losing the war with the survivors.

Which is a great plot idea that got kinda stepped on the minute they do a sequel where they are sending ANOTHER Terminator back in time and then another and another and another.

So, what... they lined up like 40 Terminators of all different models and sent them all back in time hoping one of them would succeed? While that does sound like the kind of thinking a machine might have, it's the idea that we keep beating them that is absurd.

As for cammo... if you go strictly by the 1st movie, you can't send anything back in time that isn't encased in human skin. Another plot point that kinda got stepped all over in Terminator 2. Because the T-1000 is all metal. It's liquid metal, but it's still all metal.
Don't forget the T3 Terminator.. made with metal.. and boobs.. and magic apparently.
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